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“FINDING YOUR TRIBE” by Mike C. Manning

By Dimitri Halkidis / September 3, 2018

Hey readers, Mike here. Even though I’ve been involved with Boo2Bullying for a while now, this is actually my first blog post. Wish me luck.   In 2012 I began as a Boo2Bullying Boy’s Youth Ambassador. I had attended a B2B fundraiser and after speaking with the founder, I agreed to join the organization. Over…

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Truth by Maya Stojan

By Boo2Bullying / July 31, 2018

Hey there, I’m Maya and I’ve been an outreach ambassador for Boo2bullying for a good 6 years. I want to start off by saying that when I was asked to do this blog, I first thought “Yikes, I’m so private about my life! I like being viewed a certain way, and this is going to…

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Mia’ Journey by Mia Velarde

By Dimitri Halkidis / June 23, 2018

Hello, my name is Mia Velarde I am the Young Girls Outreach Ambassador for Boo2Bullying. I am 13 years old and finishing my last year of Middle School. My start in 8thgrade was rough the first week into the New School year, I was surrounded by my peers and threatened physical harm. I have never had…

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Chance Raspberry Speaks out on bullying

By Dimitri Halkidis / March 22, 2018

Chance Raspberry                                                                                                           …

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