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Teenage icon Asher Angel found fame at an early age, starring in a string of hits including the Disney series ‘Andi Mack’, and movies such as ‘Shazam!’. But despite his popularity, Asher has been the subject of online bullying and trolling, a problem which continues to blight many of his generation and is a major contributing factor to the alarming increase in teen suicides. 

“I’ve seen first hand how mean people can be online and know how hurtful it can be” Asher revealed. Adding, “I’ve also had friends who have been attacked for the way they dress, the way they speak, the way they sing – nobody deserves to be bullied. I do my best to ignore the hate – and I’m pretty good at it. But I understand that not everybody is.” 

Asher’s message is simple, telling his 10 million social media followers to “Be Kind. Be Courageous. Be You.”  And now, in a further call to eradicate bullying, intolerance and discrimination the star has teamed up with the charity, Boo2Bullying, and new safety first social media App, Compete, to host a fresh new challenge-based competition. The concept is simple. Asher wants users to shout “Boo2Bullying” in a unique way, with the winner picking up a cool $5,000 prize. “I’m proud to be involved with Compete and Boo2Bullying’s global campaign. Bullying is never acceptable, and it’s time for a change; social media needs to stand up and say no to negativity. Compete is making that change. It’s a social media platform with no room for bullies or trolls, it’s a safe uplifting environment, and I’m thrilled to be a part of its journey.”

“Vice President of Boo2Bullying, and acclaimed actress, Cassie Scerbo adds, “Bullying is a very serious problem, on social media, at home and in the workplace, and the pandemic has made it easier for trolling and bullying online. Suicide rates are on the rise and our work is more important now than ever. We aim to ensure that no one ever feels alone. We are proud to join forces and say enough is ENOUGH. We’re so thrilled that Asher Angel and Compete will help spread the word and join us in saying ‘Boo2Bullying.

And for those currently suffering at the hands of cyberbullies, Asher encourages victims to seek help: Always talk to a parent or sibling and if you’re not comfortable doing that, speak to a friend or anybody else you trust. You don’t have to tackle it alone. Let’s protect each other.”

The Boo2Bullying challenge is Live now on Compete and closes on January 7th, 2021. 

To join the challenge and support this amazing cause download Compete on the app store Compete – The Home of talent & Instagram @compete_HQ

Watch Asher’s call to arms here,

A go fund me page has been set up supporting Boo2Bullying and their incredible work. 


The first of its kind, Compete is an interactive challenge-based platform featuring fun category-based competitions with cash prizes attached. Its revolutionary design ensures users are safe from online bullying and trolling, creating a genuinely uplifting experience for players of all ages.

The alarmingly high rate of teen suicides linked to the damaging effects of unmoderated online comments has led to an industry-wide call for change.  Compete is pioneering the way with multilevel artificial intelligence screening supported by human content moderation.

This unique concept has already attracted some of the world’s biggest influencers and social media stars to join the Compete community.

These include French football freestyler Sean Garnier; Broadway star Alex Wong; ballerina Altas Sweetabar; First Dates expert Austin Ventour, and Professional Flipper Athlete Ibra Acro Boy. 

The concept is simple: Each host sets a challenge and users can Compete by submitting a video showcasing their skills. The online community vote, but not comment, on their favourites, and the video with the most votes wins a cash prize.   Users who voted for the winner can also win prizes. 

Each week, dozens of new challenges are uploaded from the worlds of music, gaming, fitness, sport, fashion, beauty, travel, weird and wonderful and action. 

Compete is safe, kind, inclusive of all races, abilities, nationalities and gender groups. 

Compete is available free to download on the app store Compete – The Home of talent & Instagram @compete_HQ


To create an initiative between schools, parents and communities to help eliminate bullying.

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