Art Therapy

Our Art Therapy program helps us to mitigate the effects of bullying through arts and crafts, animation, dance, music, and art exhibitions showcasing youth.

Our Art Ambassadors in Action

Boo2Bullying Art Ambassador Skyler Grey opens up to 10th grade creative students, about art, music.

How Boo2Bullying’s Art Ambassadors are Impacting the World

Maybe it's because Mr. Dimitri Halkidis was born in Greece, raised in New York, moved to Los Angeles and has transplanted to Palm Springs in the California Sonoran desert that he has built himself a multicultural perspective of life that makes him a sensitive, caring and supportive individual. I consider myself fortunate to have crossed paths with such a warm and nurturing man. Mr. Halkidis, the Executive Director of Boo2Bullying, has offered himself and others as resources to the school at which I work. Each year he brings celebrities to help our young people understand bullying, its effects on others, and learning coping skills to help them through their own tuff times. In addition to working with our annual anti-bullying movement, Mr. Halkidis serves on a fund raising board to promote the Arts in the school. The program helps creative students learn the way they learn best, through creative arts in core content classes. As if that were not enough, he also serves as a Mentor for students in the senior class. He gives countless hours to helping our young people learn in the arts industry to help them be better equipped for their own future. I have always found Mr. Halkidis willing to help any way he can, not only offering his creative ideas but also rolling up his sleeves and working hard. It has been a pleasant and rewarding journey meeting and working with Mr. Dimitri Halkidis, feeling his energy and enthusiasm for all he does.

- Rich Kravitz, School Counselor, Palm Springs High School