Empowerment through Art program helps us to mitigate the effects of bullying through arts and crafts, animation, dance, music, and art exhibitions showcasing youth.

Artists Awakening the World

B2B1on1Series of interviews will explore multiple aspects of bullying, cyber-bullying, self-love, body issues, addiction and how we, as a society, can overcome these pressures of life. Special Guest, Isaac Pelayo interviewed by Cassie Scerbo. ©2022 All rights reserved Boo2Bullying

How Boo2Bullying’s Art Ambassadors are Impacting the World

"Boo2Bullying came to Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences to run an assembly and two days of workshops for our 10th grade Days of Service. The authenticity of the variety of storytellers, using both humor and depth to convey their life journeys, made a huge impact on our students."   - Hali Morell, Upper School Community Service Director, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences