Who We Are

Who We Are

We seek to eradicate bullying, intolerance and discrimination by educating schools and parents about accepting diversity and giving young people the tools to connect with and positively impact those around them.

Board of Directors

Dimitri Halkidis

Dimitri Halkidis

President & Founder
Cassie Scerbo, Vice President

Cassie Scerbo

Vice President
Mike C. Manning Director of Programming

Mike C. Manning

Director of Developement
Dallas Greene

Dallas Greene

Board Member
Chiara Dambrosio

Chiara D'Ambrosio

Board Member
Bianca Dambrosio

Bianca D'Ambrosio

Board Member
A.J. Mayers, Board Member

A.J. Mayers

Board Member
Blake Cooper Griffin, Board Member

Blake Cooper Griffin

Board Member


Our Ambassadors come from all walks of life and can relate to you in a variety of ways.

Solange Signoret

Solange Signoret

Young Girls Ambassador
Sean Kanan, Young Mens Ambassador

Sean Kanan

Young Mens Ambassador
Lizzy Greene, Girls Teen Ambassador

Lizzy Greene

Girls Teen Ambassador
Randall Telfer, NFL Ambassador

Randall Telfer

NFL Ambassador
Skyler Grey, Artist Ambassador

Skyler Grey

Artist Ambassador
Hunter Payton, Boys Ambassador

Hunter Payton

Boys Ambassador
Mia Velarde

Mia Velarde

Young Girls Outreach Ambassador
Joey Lutheran, Boys Teen Ambassador

Joey Lutheran

Boys Teen Ambassador
Steven Benedict, Athletic Empowerment Ambassador

Steven Benedict

Athletic Empowerment Ambassador
Maya Stojan, Womens Outreach Ambassador

Maya Stojan

Womens Outreach Ambassador
Nicholas Ferroni, School Climate Ambassador

Nicholas Ferroni

School Climate Ambassador
Angelina Christina Artist Ambassador

Angelina Christina

Artist Ambassador
Josie Loren, Womens Ambassador

Josie Loren

Womens Ambassador
Charli Gray, LGBT Ambassador

Charli Gray

LGBT Ambassador
Lindsey Marie Shaw, Girls Ambassador

Lindsey Marie Shaw

Girls Ambassador
Caitlyn Clester, Artist Ambassador

Caitlyn Clester

Artist Ambassador
Monel Aliote, Artist Ambassador

Monel Aliote

Artist Ambassador
Manuel Mair, Fitness Ambassador

Manuel Mair

Fitness Ambassador
Frances Fisher, Cultural Ambassador

Frances Fisher

Cultural Ambassador
Katja Glieson, Girls Outreach Ambassador

Katja Glieson

Girls Outreach Ambassador
Linda Terrelonge, Miami Ambassador

Linda Terrelonge

Miami Ambassador
Lindsey Marie Shaw, Girls Ambassador

Lindsey Marie Shaw

Girls Ambassador

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