School Assembly

School Assembly

We facilitate a conversation on issues surrounding bullying nationally. Guest speakers point out helpful ways to stand up, speak out, and raise awareness about all types of bullying.

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What people are saying about us

Boo2Bullying came to Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences to run an assembly and two days of workshops for our 10th grade Days of Service. They were professional, reliable, and engaged our students in a way that is rarely witnessed! The authenticity of the variety of storytellers, using both humor and depth to convey their life journeys, made a huge impact on our students. Not only were they willing to share but they facilitated thoughtful dialogues during the workshops and gave students the opportunity to speak to their own personal experiences. From the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from our 10th graders, I would definitely recommend this organization to any educator looking to open the eyes of their students into the world of bullying.

- Hali Morell, Upper School Community Service Director, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences