We facilitate a conversation on issues surrounding bullying nationally. Guest speakers point out helpful ways to stand up, speak out, and raise awareness about all types of bullying.


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BOO2BULLYING has presented to our student body before, and every presentation is better than the previous year’s assembly. Your Ambassadors speak honestly to students and engage in conversation on themes and topics that really matter to the kids.

This year’s visit from BOO2BULLYING was extra special because of the increased social and emotional issues students are faced with during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, opportunities to engage in dialogue and interactions on themes that affect their mental health is critical in their ability to cope and build resiliency.

Your virtual assembly offered our students a sense of confidence in themselves and a sense of empathy toward others. Each Ambassador's story was powerful, motivating and inspiring. Afterwards, one student shared that he enjoyed the stories, especially how the Ambassadors overcame their pain through kindness.

It was a privilege to have BOO2BULLYING spread kindness and lift up students who might feel different, who question their identity, who struggle to fit in. The Ambassadors encouraged all students to accept and love themselves for who they are.

Thank you BOO2BULLYING for spreading kindness and self-acceptance and for inspiring our students to take a stand against bullying.

- Gus Ochoa, School Counselor, Raymond Cree Middle School