School Assembly

Boo2Bullying Ambassador Description:

A Boo2Bullying Ambassador is a person who promotes interest in the organization and encourages it’s rise in awareness.

What do Ambassadors do?

Boo2Bullying Ambassadors play a vital role in representing the organization by:

● Speaking out at community events, school assemblies, youth groups, faith groups, etc. (Boo2Bullying will provide you with all accommodations; car services, hotels etc. for public speaking and/or events.)
● Conducting board approved interviews with television, radio, magazine, newspaper, and social media outlets

● Assisting in Board approved fundraising efforts
● Raising awareness by talking to friends and family and posting on social media

What skills/experience do I need?

● Open and accepting of all people from a variety of backgrounds ● Confident public speaker with excellent communication skills
● Reliable and professional demeanor
● Personal and friendly manner

● Honest and trustworthy nature
● Team player mentality
● Flexibility to participate in activities when needed

How much time do I need to commit?

● This is a flexible role and the times may vary, but we would love for you to attend 1 school assembly and 1 public event per year.

● Next step!

Please send us an email as to why you are passionate about helping us put an end to bullying and intolerance. Upon approval, we will ask you to send us a high- resolution headshot for our website ( E-mail can be sent to President and founder, Dimitri Halkidis at

We are so grateful for your interest in our mission!

Click on the link to complete the online application