The Anti-Bullying PSA That’s Moving the Nation by VP Cassie Scerbo

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Cassie Scerbo here, Boo2Bullying’s Vice President. First off, I hope you’re enjoying our newly reconstructed site and thank you for visiting!

For my first blog post, I wanted to share an extremely moving video that our Director of Development, Mike C. Manning, texted us last week in our B2B board’s group chat. I was (no joke) sitting in the hair salon with tears streaming down my face! It was the new Burger King Anti-Bullying PSA.

The symbolism and way Burger King went about demonstrating what we in the anti-bullying world call “bystanders” (those who witness a hateful, unjust act and continue about their day doing nothing) was truly groundbreaking in this video.

I was happy to see the amount of attention the PSA received and I’m hoping it helped put things into perspective for those who would have possibly done the same thing out of fear, ignorance or selfishness.

The video compared the bullying being done to that of a high school jr., and that of a whopper jr. Which do you think 95% of the customers in the restaurant reported? … Sadly, the BURGER.

Mass majority of onlookers sat by and watched this teenager being tormented by his peers and did absolutely nothing, yet were infuriated by their beaten up burgers. The fact that a piece of meat which costs $2.19 was more valued than a human being by 95% of Burger King’s bystanders was extremely eye-opening and saddening.

I understand that standing up for others can be hard for some. People fear being bullied as well or maybe that bystander is already being bullied, but there are ways to go about it. You can tell someone else who may have a better impact. If you’re a student you can go to a teacher or administrator or even anonymously call 911 if things become dangerous or physical, anything besides NOTHING.

We must stand by those who are at odds and unable to stand up for themselves. When speaking to students, I always make sure to shed light on the fact that people who help others are our heroes. Think of firefighters, policemen, doctors, our own armies. I don’t know why this is so misconstrued when it comes to bullying, why people fear being looked at as anything but a hero, a helper.

Sometimes it only takes one person to save another’s life. We must stand up for each other, especially being that we don’t know what kind of mental state those being bullied might be in, and what the aftermath may be if they are left alone, with no one standing up for them.

30% of students worldwide are bullied each year. There is so much more we can do for on another. Let’s lessen that percentage. Let’s accept more. Love more. Let’s simply stand up for one another some more. Watch the domino affect that will take place. When one person takes on these heroic actions, it becomes a chain reaction, more and more people hop on the train. Be a leader, a lover. Video below.

Thank you for listening,
Cassie Scerbo
Vice President, Boo2Bullying

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