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Boo2Bullying proudly presents its first annual talent showcase—Desert’s Got Talent—featuring the breakout stars of tomorrow. We’ll feature singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and other performers of all ages, with winners to be decided by the audience.

The purpose of this inaugural event is two-fold: (1) to give performers the opportunity to self-express, promote unity against bullying and intolerance, and encourage, educate and engage our communities; and (2) to raise awareness and funds for Boo2Bullying programs and new initiatives.

WHEN AND WHERE: Saturday, May 6, Annenberg Theater, 101 N.

Girls Teen Ambassador, Lizzy Greene

Girls Teen Ambassador, Lizzy Greene

My bullying story began in preschool. I was on a soccer team where an egocentric, strong-minded, and strong-willed girl excluded me and influenced her clique to do the same. This continued for several years and carried over to my elementary school. There was verbal and physical abuse in the schoolyard because of the name calling, tripping, and pushing. This group, which was growing, would stand together and mock me and make fun of me. The bullying was instigated by the ring leader, but it certainly extended to the guilty by-standers who did nothing to stand up for me.