boo 2 bullying .org, an anti-bullying campaign

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For generations art has been the driving force in defining our individual and collective culture and shaping our inner and outer perspectives. It is what binds us together and what prompts us to ask questions of ourselves and of others. As artists, we are the key holders to a powerful gift, the ability to challenge and transform the world and inspire a new way of thinking through various art mediums.

We are a collective of artists and visionaries who are dedicated to transforming this generation into a strong and empowered nation. We believe that change occurs when we are educated about who we are and who we can become. Some of us were former bullies who have grown into enlightened human beings, and some of us have been bullied and have found success through our inner strength. This experience allows us to really dig in and share our story with our youth.

BOO2Bullying seeks to eradicate the epidemic of bullying from a special angle. We first target the bully, the child who feels awkward and lashes out at others, by giving them the opportunity to become self-aware and later, accepted. We also focus on the ones who are bullied, and provide resources for empowerment and growth. Next, we promote unity as a bridge toward encouraging peace in our youth. Through our powerful and engaging art series—we create a stunning visual call-to-action to educate and incite change.

BOO2Bullying was created when fashion photographer Dimitri Halkidis gathered with a group of artists and talked about their bullying experiences during the course of their education. Whether an immigrant or an orphan, each had overcome their torment with creative endeavors.

Boo2Bullying's Vision

Artists awaken the world to the the negativity of bullying and how zero tolerance
is the only answer to create a safe learning environment for youth. 

Boo2Bullying's Mission

To create an initiative between schools and parents to eliminate bullying by imposing an automatic counseling session between the bully and bullied and to bring awareness by educating schools and parents about accepting diversity and encouraging tolerance.